Investment Philosophy

Innovative products and clear investment objectives, predefined time horizons, broad Asset diversification, dynamic and professional Portfolio management and effective risk controls


Active management, innovative stock selections, the employment of the skills of great international managers, themed investments and non-traditional Asset classes: that’s what we particularly stand out for
All Retail Share Classes offer a dividend 
distribution class


Arca Fondi SGR SpA is the Global Distributor of Sidera Funds Sicav. The Global Distributor is in charge of selling and marketing of Sidera Shares in Luxembourg and in other countries approved by the Board of Directors. The Global Distributor can appoint intermediaries and selling agents on behalf of the Sicav with the aim of marketing and selling the Shares.


Prospectus, KIID, Subscription form, Annual & Semi-Annual Report, Policy (Conflict of Interests, Best Execution, Voting), Notifications for Shareholders (Calling notices for ordinary/extraordinary general meetings, Participation instructions, Dividend dates) and Distributors List


Stock division quota, 
latest Share of profits and Reference dates