Investment philosophy

Product Innovation, Active Portfolio Management, Risk Management.

The key words for our investment philosophy are:

  • Innovative products and clear investment goals
  • Predefined time horizons and broad asset diversification
  • Dynamic and professional portfolio management
  • Effective risk control

These are the points of reference by which we steer our course.
We hold firm our determination to offer our investors new investment opportunities.
The pole star that assures correct orientation.

Product Innovation

Sidera addresses advanced investors that are seeking yield performance by offering innovative solutions through:

  • Innovative active management and stock selection methods
  • Cooperation with great international managers
  • New opportunities coming from themed investments and non-traditional Asset classes

In a context of strict risk and asset allocation control.

Active Portfolio Management

The investment process philosophy follows a core-satellite logic, that is to say a combination of directional strategies (beta) and non-directional (alpha) strategies, both as regards Relative Value and as regards Yield enhancement.
Product innovation involves asset classes requiring a high level of specialisation and notable capacity for analysis.
Sidera Funds fulfils these aims through the use of advanced quantitative tools and consolidated partnerships with managers of high standing and a solid track record.

Risk Management

Risk and its measurement are key factors for the management of the stock portfolio, which should above all be seen as the sum of well-calibrated and selected strategies based on their contribution to overall volatility.
The close connection between markets and financial instruments requires that the investor – and thus the manager – prefers the construction of an advanced portfolio. A portfolio regulated by a series of metrics that also function as a formal risk control and Sub-Fund orientation.
The financial lever is mainly used for alpha extraction, attenuating or minimising portfolio risk. Such index is measured through Value at Risk and is calculated in absolute terms or in relative terms, depending on whether the Sub-Funds have a benchmark reference or an absolute performance objective.


Active management,innovative stock selections, skills of great international managers, themed investments and non-traditional Asset classes: that’s what we particularly stand out for.
All Retail Share Classes offer a dividend distribution class